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About Us

Whitesuggar Creations Boutique is a Home-based business located in Dumont, NJ bringing you high quality personalized children clothing. These make great presents and unforgettable memories for your little ones. 

All started out like a hobby!

All started after realizing how difficult it is to find hair accessories for babies in stores, I decided to begin creating them with my own hands, specially for my beloved daughter, it was just my hobby at that time! Now I am delighted to share my creations with you at affordable prices! I take great care when creating them so you are happy with your purchase. My main goal is to make YOU happy with your purchase.

We are pleased to offer Embroidery and Applique to our small home business, where your little ones comfort is our main goal. Our items are created with the best materials around, including premium clothing. 

To see my entire Collection click here: https://www.Whitesuggar.com
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Best Children's Boutiques
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